Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Moana How Far I'll Go

Straight after interval all of the classrooms lined up at the multipurpose getting ready to perform their class item. As room 6 entered the multipurpose room I was curious about what they selected to perform.
The first class to perform was room 1 with a Samoan dance called the Sasa. Once their performance was done the audience were kind enough to give them a round of applause.  Next up was room 5 performing Le Aute which is a Samoan song, I thought that they were all on time and on beat with the music.

Finally the performance that I was curious about was next and it was room 6. When they announced that they were going to model their Tongan and Samoan wear I was so excited because we've never had a catwalk before. At the end I looked at all the costumes and they were all beautiful. Up next was room 7 with a dance routine to the song picking coconuts. I liked their dance because their song was catchy, my favourite part of it was the dab. Room 9 sang a song called little birdy on a tree English and Samoan version.

 They could have sang louder but apart from that they were awesome. Room 10 was next they were singing E Otua acapella which I thought was great but when they finished I was really nervous because we were next. As I was standing in front of the audience I felt nervous but when everyone started singing I managed to get rid of my nerves and just sing. I think we did good and I had lots of fun singing with all my classmates I can't wait till we sing together again.

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