Thursday, 25 May 2017

My Jewllery Tree I Made At Tech

Today I finally received my jewellery tree that I created at Technicraft at Tamaki College. I worked hard in Mr Grundy's workshop to complete my tree and all that work paid off.

 First we all had to draw our woodwork so it could match the measurement.
 Then we had to write down reasons why our projects are useful. I asked Mr Grundy if he could show me how to put on the hooks correctly. After putting on my hooks I finished writing my reasons down on paper. It was time to pack up so Mr Grundy said he would finish our work for us because we had to move on to a different class which was cooking.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Beginning Of New Learning And A New Term🤓

On Monday 1st of May 2017 term 2 had just begun. I was so excited to be back at school because I couldn't wait to see my wonderful friends and learn new things during term 2. I have to admit the holidays was fun but now I'm back at school and back learning.

 A few minutes later we started our Maths learning. We each organised ourselves into pairs like mature year 7 and 8 students. After we had completed our Maths it was time for lunch time monitors to go to their rooms. Lunch was the same as usual: pupils eating, monitors watching and teachers sometimes watching or gone to have their lunch in the staff room. Everyone went outside to play and enjoy their lunch. As soon as the bell rang everyone either went for a drink after sport or lined up outside their class or by the multipurpose.

When assembly finished we all thought that we would just go back to class, but there was a slight change of schedule due to our immunization top up. I was scared at first but as I was learning that injections help you avoid getting germs. I was happy in fact I wanted to get it done right away. Then the health nurse said that we had to get the of our parents' permission first. When I told my parents about it they were happy to sign it. When I had brought my permission slip to school I just couldn't wait to get my injection done.