Wednesday, 7 March 2018


On Wednesday the year eight students from Ruapotaka and St Pius School was working together to make some delicious nachos. While the year sevens were making healthy fruit salad. The first step to making our nacho is you have to slice and dice the onions then you have to fry them with oil. Next we put the mince,tomato paste and the baked beans into the pan. Once it was all combined together we put our nachos base on our plates of chips. Now it was the fun and easy part eating it. Our nachos were so delicious I can't wait for next week. This is how our one looked.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

We're Baking Sponge Rolls!😀

Last week was a bit of a surprise because we were told that we were going to be working with St Pius.We all were divided into groups of three which was A B and C.  I was selected to be in group A and I was so excited because we were going to be cooking. Collaborating with another school was very new to us but as we were cooking we felt a little comfortable around each other.

The ingredients for the sponge rolls are one cup of SRF ( Self Rising Flour) flour, one cup of sugar, one third of a  cup of oil and four eggs. First we combined the eggs sugar and oil together then once it was mixed we used a hand mixer to whip the batter until it was a light and fluffy like texture kind of like cream. After ten minuets in the oven it was over flowing so be careful not to over mix. But at least it tasted good also this was a good practice next time I'm going to take my time. This is what it looked like after I scraped off the edges.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Back To School

Finally it's 2018 and I'm so excited to see my friends and class mates. As I was walking to school I felt nervous because I just remembered that I am a year eight. As an intermediate student there are high expectations for me because the whole school looks up to the older seniors. We have to be good role models.

This year I am going to set my goals higher and I'm going to try and be better than before. I am apprehensive for week 6 because we have our Manaiakalani test which is writing. I hope I do well.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Famous Cathedrals

Cathedral of Saint Patrick and Saint Joseph.jpg

There were so many Cathedrals to choose from but I had to choose St Patrick's in Auckland. It was built on 1848 until 1845. If my calculations are correct than it would have taken 33 years which seems like a lot of hard work if you ask me. I hope you've learned more about St Patrick's Cathedral.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Would I Participate In The Waka Ama Race?

Well yes because it would help me to work in a group and get over my fear of the sea. I know this sounds silly but I'm scared that I'm going to either drown or sink. Also rowing is a good arm workout and I like a little competition. Over all I think that I would like to join because it is a fun sport!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Journey To A New Territory

Dear reader

It's been hours of sailing but still no sight of land I have mixed feelings in my head like anxiety, nervousness and I feel sea sick. All we could do now was follow the clouds because where there's clouds there will likely be land. Sailing all day had me thinking  how will we survive in a new territory but luckily we remembered our lessons back home on how to plant make shelter. I hope we find land soon or I'm going to be sick.Finally after sailing on the vast ocean we found land and I can't wait to tell you more.

Monday, 18 December 2017

3 Facts About Maui

The first fact is that Maui is a demigod who has the ability to shape shift with the magic from his fish hook.
Did you know that Maui slowed down the sun? Well there are many legends that were told of Maui like fishing up New Zealand, how he stole the fire and heaps more.
The final fact that I will state is that according to google the meaning of Maui is unknown. This is possibly because he is a trickster and you never know what Maui is going to shape shift into next.