Thursday, 25 May 2017

My Jewllery Tree I Made At Tech

Today I finally received my jewelry tree that I created at Technic raft Tamaki College, I worked hard in Mr Grundy's workshop to complete my tree and all that work paid of. First we all had to draw our woodwork so it could match the measurement after that we had to write down reasons why our projects are useful. I asked Mr Grundy if he could show me how to put on the hooks correctly. After putting on my hooks I finished writing my reasons down on paper it was time to pickup so Mr Grundy said he would finish our work for us because we had to move on to a different class which was cooking.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Beginning Of New Learning And A New Term🤓

On Monday 1st of May 2017 term 2 had just begun. I was so excited to be back at school because I couldn't wait to see my wonderful friends and learn new things during term 2. I have to admit the holidays was fun but now I'm back at school and back learning.

 A few minutes later we started our Maths learning. We each organised ourselves into pairs like mature year 7 and 8 students. After we had completed our math it was time for lunch time monitors. Lunch was same as usual pupils eating,monitors watching and teachers sometimes watching or gone to have their lunch in the staff room. Everyone went outs
ide to play and enjoy their lunch as soon as the bell rang everyone either went for a drink after sport or lined up outside their class or by the multipurpose.

When assembly finished we all thought that we would just go back to class, but a slight change of scheduled due to our immunization top up.I was scared at first but as i was learning that injections help you avoid getting germs i was happy in fact i wanted to get it done right away. Then the health nurse said we had to  get our parents permission first when i told my parents about it they were happy to sign it, when i had brought my permission slip to school i just couldn't wait to get my injection done.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Every Child Has Hopes & Dreams

Today we had some special visitors come to Room 12 from the Everyday Theatre. First I thought it was all about acting, but as the minutes went on I realised that each time we swiped the actors in, a new scene begins.  We had to do the challenges and if we did them really well we won bonus points.

Our first challenge activity was when one person had to go  on the inside of the donut and the other person was on the outside. Then we had to summarise what our buddies said to the next person. For completing the task we received one bonus point and we had to try earn ten bonus points. Once again we swiped in Katelyn and Julia into the game as they were role playing.  The game got interesting but then they paused the game and gave us another task to do which was to get in to groups and whatever the piece of paper says we had to make a picture.

When we swiped them back in they were doing the scene called the hot seat. The way the hot seat works is:  we choose a character that we want to ask questions to,  if the person is having trouble then they can press help, if they think everybody is laughing at them then press the safe button and if you think the person is not telling the truth then we press the truth button.

When we swiped them back in the game they were up to the part when Dave goes to pick up T but when Maria opened the door she was in a bad mood and refused to let Dave take T because it was her turn to spend time with T that weekend. But as usual they had a big argument and Dave left so Katelyn and Julia decided to pause the game and move on to our next task. Our next task we participated in was to make a picture with a group and say something that popped in our head about our character on the piece of paper.

This time when they resumed the game they tried role play with a little bit of hope put into the game. When a  little bit of hope was put in everything was good and bright, the characters were being nice and working things out and it all turned out smooth. For our next task we did the same thing as our last task but we had to add a little bit of hope to our character.

We swiped them in for the last time and everything was back to normal but with all the characters nice and friendly. Our last task was to get in a circle and choose a character to give advice to and at the end of the task it was time to say goodbye but before we did we learnt a special new handshake and we got a games master badge.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

What Is A Housing?

What is a housing joint, a housing joint is a joint which is normally the joint  in the middle of the wood your using.  Before you start planing it is important to write your name on the piece of paper before it gets lost. When your planning it's a good idea to use the wood you are working with so that you know the measurement of the drawing. If you are using extra pieces like a wheel it is important to know the measurement of that too.

When you are finished planning then you can start by drawing the joint on the wood. When you think it's the right length as the wood you can begin to cut. When you are cutting be carful of the saw when your cutting because you could be badly injured. When you are cutting it may be easier to put three fingers in the handle,your thumb at the top and your pinkie under the handle. When you are in the middle of the wood then to straighten the wood you simply just tap the saw as your straightening. When you think its straight enough and the saw is not wobbling then try putting in the wood. If the wood seems like it's going to fit but it's to tight it's okay because you can simply sand paper it because it's better to have a small hole than to have a big hole and when it fits then your done.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tabloids At Ruapotaka School

 On Wednesday 15 of February 2017 was The Ruapotaka School Tabloids,
For tabloids we were each put into a house which had  a colored flag to represent our house. My flag color was red - whero is red in Maori. Our first activity was with Mrs Holbricks. The aim of the game was to throw a beanbag into the hoop or bucket -  you get one point if you get it in the hoop, two if you get it in the bucket and three if you get it in the big bucket.

 After doing most of the activities it was time to announce the points, Whero (red) got 35 points, Kikorangi (blue) also got 35 points, Kakariki (green) got 27 points and Kowhai (yellow) got 37 which means they have the most points for now.  We will keep on trying to score more points.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The First Syndicate Assembly For 2017

                         Tuesday the 7th of February 2017

 It was Room 12s turn to host the senior syndicate assembly . We all started off with a song called 'Smile and Be Happy' it is about smiling, being happy and living life to the fullest. We all sang loud but some people didn't sing so we all had to sing again. After singing the song twice we started our dance item.

Two students from each class had to come up and dance in the dance item:  from Room 9 was Maniarose and Diego,  Room 10 was le'aapeni and Dominic, Room 11 was Meafou and Teremoana and from Room 12 was Mika, Lupe and Saluselo. As the competitors showed everybody their dancing skills the audience was cheering them on. After dancing their best the competitors waited nervously for the results.  The audience decided who would win. by voting. We voted by putting our hand but you were not allowed to vote for your own classroom. The winners were Le'aapeni and Domonic because they danced the funniest.

We sang a another song called 'Lean on me'. It's about friendship, and if you're down and feeling blue you can lean on me. The prefects Meana and Mika said reminders like no more long pants because it's summer and it's so hot and wear your hats so you don't get sunburnt. Tyron concluded the senior syndicate assembly and then we all went back to class and did the rest of our work.

Friday, 16 December 2016

The Graduation Movie

We made this movie to show people how we can celebrate success in different ways. While we were making the movie I've learnt how to use movie maker and I've also learnt how to make beats with button bass.
We were inspired by the flashback movies we saw at the Film Festival this year.