Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Chocolate Cake

Today was the last day of cooking tech for this year but we will be coming back next year. We made chocolate cake with whip cream and Hershey's chocolate sauce. First we began by mixing the dry and wet ingredients one bowl then we mixed the batter until it was no longer dry. When we were putting our cake batter into the cake tin I was anxious because I couldn't find the cake tin but luckily Mrs Tuipulotu had some extras for us. After putting the batter into the cake tin in the oven to bake. I looked at the wooden spoon which had the cake batter, it smelt so delicious and I couldn't help it so I tasted the raw batter which was surprisingly not that bad. As I took the cake tin out of the oven Mrs Tuipulotu
added the toppings then I sliced it into segments before eating it.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Netball Practice!

Today after lunch the names that were selected for netball had to go to the netball court to practice. Mrs Shortland had the list of names and their positions. The teams were year 7/8 against year 5/6. My position was reserve. As I was watching the teams play even though the year 5/6 weren't the same height as some of the other team they managed to block the ball a few times. When it was my turn to play I had to go as goal defense or GD for short. As I was playing my team managed to get 7 goals then I had to switch back to reserve. 5 minutes later I switched positions with the wing defense. It was only 1 minute and it was time to finish netball. Even though it was a short time I still had fun.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Moana How Far I'll Go

Straight after interval all of the classrooms lined up at the multipurpose getting ready to perform their class item. As room 6 entered the multipurpose room I was curious about what they selected to perform.
The first class to perform was room 1 with a Samoan dance called the Sasa. Once their performance was done the audience were kind enough to give them a round of applause.  Next up was room 5 performing Le Aute which is a Samoan song, I thought that they were all on time and on beat with the music.

Finally the performance that I was curious about was next and it was room 6. When they announced that they were going to model their Tongan and Samoan wear I was so excited because we've never had a catwalk before. At the end I looked at all the costumes and they were all beautiful. Up next was room 7 with a dance routine to the song picking coconuts. I liked their dance because their song was catchy, my favourite part of it was the dab. Room 9 sang a song called little birdy on a tree English and Samoan version.

 They could have sang louder but apart from that they were awesome. Room 10 was next they were singing E Otua acapella which I thought was great but when they finished I was really nervous because we were next. As I was standing in front of the audience I felt nervous but when everyone started singing I managed to get rid of my nerves and just sing. I think we did good and I had lots of fun singing with all my classmates I can't wait till we sing together again.