Thursday, 1 June 2017

Milk Shakes..... Yum 😏

Finally we are doing my favourite subject which is cooking with Mrs Tuipulotu. When we arrived at cooking class she was nowhere to be found. So while we were waiting patiently we told our buddies what we thought we were going to make.

 Once Mrs Tuipulotu arrived we were all excited to start cooking. The first thing we had to do was sit at a table with our buddies and take out the cooking equipment. We had to learn all the names of the equipment like serving spoon, measuring cups and all sorts. After learning about the cooking quipment we then learned where they live.  Next was the fire safety. We all had to learn about what would happen if there was a fire. Once we all learned about the cooking area we each helped each other put on our aprons, then we  washed our hands before cooking because we don't want germs in our food.

The meal we were making was milk shake. The ingredients we were using were vanilla ice-cream, Hershey chocolate sauce and whipped cream. First we used a whisk to soften the ice-cream and then pour it into our cup. Later we went to Mrs Tuipulotu for extra ice-cream. After our cups were full with ice-cream we drizzled chocolate sauce and added whipped cream. Lastly we topped off with a drizzle of chocolate sauce and we each got a straw and enjoyed our milk shake. That was what I made at Technicraft.


  1. Great reflection Tupouseini and it is a great pleasures to see you can write detailing what you did in class and able to name all the ingredients that we used at that day

  2. Thank You For Commenting hope to see tomorrow

  3. Malo Tupouseini, Great writing love it I did the same thing at TC school and the milkshakes sounds deliouse what was your favourite, Keep up the great work bestie your a star!.