Friday, 16 December 2016

The Graduation Movie

We made this movie to show people how we can celebrate success in different ways. While we were making the movie I've learnt how to use movie maker and I've also learnt how to make beats with button bass.
We were inspired by the flashback movies we saw at the Film Festival this year.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Learning at the Botanic Gardens

On Thursday the 13th of October 2016 Ruapotaka School went by bus to the Botanical Gardens in Manurewa. I saw heaps of plants at the entry. My favourite part of the entry was the water under the bridge. For the groups I was the leader and Saluselo was the tail-end Charlie in Mrs Hoeberigs’ group.

When we heading to the edible garden we stopped and took photos of the pohutukawa tree. Then I was reading about the liquid amber and the maidenhair tree. It said that you can pick a leaf off the ground for both of them and take it home do leaf rubbing then compare them, then rub them together. As we were walking I heard bees buzzing and birds singing in harmony. When we stopped to take photos Pupuke and I smelled the rosemary. I didn’t like it because it was too strong.

As we quickly strolled past the trees we saw some magnolia trees. Some magnolias were small and some were big. I took a photo of a big magnolia. I did a bee's eye view but before that we went to the rose garden and there were only roses. Some people were tired and needed a little rest so Mrs Buchanan and Mrs Hoeberigs decided to go somewhere where there's bathrooms, a drinking tap and shade. We all got to draw anything except for the five people that went exploring the rest of the garden with Mrs Hoeberigs. When they got back, it was time to go back to the bus. What a wonderful day at the Botanical Gardens.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Go Germany!

On Friday Ruapotaka had its first ever mini-Olympics.  We worked in groups to find out about different countries and athletes before our special event.  I was in a group with Maranatha, Kain and Mealofa learning about Germany.

Monday, 4 July 2016


Matariki is the traditional Maori New Year | by planeta

Matariki  is known as a Maori new year. There are heaps of versions of how matariki was stars in the sky but the version that interests me is the one about the seven sisters. The story started with seven brothers. One was called Metai one day metai took his brothers to a hill. There they saw seven beautiful ladies. Metai's brothers felt for their beauty and wanted to marry them. Metai's brothers were old and weak because they were always fishing for their wives, they would only eat seafood. One day the seven sisters went far away so no one could hear their terrible plan. Metai transformed as a bird and overheard their plan to starve his brothers to death metai quickly told his brothers. But they didn’t believe him then metai said you use to be beautiful then the brothers agreed with metai so they waited for the seven sisters to come back. Then when they came the brothers quickly trapped them in a net and Metai took them to the heavens to uru te nga ra nga. Like Metai's brothers he felt for their beauty and sent them far away but once a year they get to shine in the sky and show their beauty, their names are uru a rangi,matariki,waiti,waita,tupu a nuku,tupu a rangi,waipuna a rangi, the end.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Chromebook Celebration

Last Thursday my brothers and I came with my mum to Room 10. I was anxious because my mum was learning about kawa of care for the first time. I saw Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Grant and Yayleen. I was showing my mum my blog and all my writing. Yayleen showed me how to do the TLN wifi and taught my mum some things about the chromebook. Then my mum filled in the whanau questionnaire and we had some snacks. My mum and I were watching my screencast on my blog. When we were going home, I took a picture with my chromebook and my brother. I saw Solomone and Pupuke and I said goodbye to them so I could go home and play on my chromebook.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Going to school every day!

Hi, my name is Tupouseini and I think school is fun. I am a Year 6 in Room 10 at Ruapotaka School. I like maths, like when we did four 4's. It is when you can only use four number 4's. Writing is fun too when we do free choice. My favourite thing to do is swimming and playing sport. I like playing sports because I like kicking the soccer ball.

I have three brothers and one sister. They are 7, 2, 1 and a new baby. My favourite place in the world is Tauranga. I like Tauranga because of the deep blue ocean. I like Meghan Trainor's voice because it's beautiful and my favourite song is "Better when I'm dancing". My favourite animal is a spider monkey.