Thursday, 2 June 2016

Chromebook Celebration

Last Thursday my brothers and I came with my mum to Room 10. I was anxious because my mum was learning about kawa of care for the first time. I saw Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Grant and Yayleen. I was showing my mum my blog and all my writing. Yayleen showed me how to do the TLN wifi and taught my mum some things about the chromebook. Then my mum filled in the whanau questionnaire and we had some snacks. My mum and I were watching my screencast on my blog. When we were going home, I took a picture with my chromebook and my brother. I saw Solomone and Pupuke and I said goodbye to them so I could go home and play on my chromebook.

1 comment:

  1. Talofa Tupouseini, Wow! Congratulation on taking your Chromebook home and I am sure you did lots of cybersmart things on your Chromebook. Keep up the great work your a star