Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The First Syndicate Assembly For 2017

                         Tuesday the 7th of February 2017

 It was Room 12s turn to host the senior syndicate assembly . We all started off with a song called 'Smile and Be Happy' it is about smiling, being happy and living life to the fullest. We all sang loud but some people didn't sing so we all had to sing again. After singing the song twice we started our dance item.

Two students from each class had to come up and dance in the dance item:  from Room 9 was Maniarose and Diego,  Room 10 was le'aapeni and Dominic, Room 11 was Meafou and Teremoana and from Room 12 was Mika, Lupe and Saluselo. As the competitors showed everybody their dancing skills the audience was cheering them on. After dancing their best the competitors waited nervously for the results.  The audience decided who would win. by voting. We voted by putting our hand but you were not allowed to vote for your own classroom. The winners were Le'aapeni and Domonic because they danced the funniest.

We sang a another song called 'Lean on me'. It's about friendship, and if you're down and feeling blue you can lean on me. The prefects Meana and Mika said reminders like no more long pants because it's summer and it's so hot and wear your hats so you don't get sunburnt. Tyron concluded the senior syndicate assembly and then we all went back to class and did the rest of our work.