Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Netball Practice!

Today after lunch the names of the students who were selected for netball had to go to the court to practice. Mrs Shortland had the list of names and their positions. The teams were years 7/8 against years 5/6. My position was reserve. As I was watching the teams play I noticed that even though the years 5/6 weren't the same height as some of the other team they managed to block the ball a few times.

When it was my turn to play I had to go as goal defense or GD for short. As I was playing my team managed to get 7 goals then I had to switch back to reserve. 5 minutes later I switched positions with the wing defense. It was only 1 minute and it was time to finish netball. It was a short time I still had fun.


  1. Hey Tupou is it tiring always having to do netball practice when you want to play with your friends.

  2. Hi Malia, yes but I'm glad we have training because it helps us get better than before.
    Thank You for commenting!