Thursday, 31 August 2017

Technicraft Rotation

Toady I hopped on the bus excited for Tech rotation. When we had arrived  at Tech Mr Pineda was sadly absent but I was still happy because our teacher was Miss Kasipale. Our task that we were assigned to do was to draw our names and the width had to be approximately 60 mm long which is equivalent to 6 cm. Before we had started our task we had another instruction which was to try and make each letter of our name different and unique. As I looked around at everyone else their drawings were nearly ready for coloring then I looked at mine and saw only three letters and some weird looking shapes. I felt really frustrated because I didn't know what to draw as detail so I remembered our mindfulness secession so I stopped took a deep breath then I carried on. At first I didn't think it was going to work but after I finished my drawing I actually had time to add some detail. After the bell rang for first period a new reviler came in and took over Miss Kasipale. When I was adding my detail I was distracted by Mr Stag. I couldn't help it he was just so hilarious. When i was going to color in my drawing the bell rang for second period we sadly had to go but I had fun for the first time in graphics.  

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